Thanks to my blogger friend Sofi, I met Mauricio, a very talented Argentinian photographer based in Paris.

We first grab Continue reading

Sometimes, no color needed.


Wearing black and white doesn’t mean that you’re out of creativity or inspiration! You cannot be Continue reading

Shirt Tied Around The Waist


Concerning the latest fashion news, we saw flaresmirrored sunniesstripes… And so many more!  As fashion trends aren’t aimed to stop just for few minutes!

Curently, I’m totally crazy about Continue reading

Kid’s Day in Roland Garros


Last Saturday was the Kid’s Day, just before Roland Garros’ opening. I spent the day Continue reading

Yellow Card!

Yellow Card

I give a yellow card for all the sad days upcoming!

Because we need some yellow’s inspiration to Continue reading

Chinese Situation


NHSK D-25, 快到了!In fact, kind of far-off and at the same time Continue reading

Bubble Tea in Paris


I want to share with you my hectic life as a Parisian, but this time it’s more about a #TBT of Continue reading